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Wildlife Estates: The largest, landowner-led, private wildlife conservation label in Europe


The latest additions to the WE label for their outstanding wildlife management and conservation efforts are:

"Nesselrode Forst" in Germany which is owned by Nannett of Nesselrode and Maximilian of Nesselrode; and

"Brunete (Garbancera Madrileña)" in Spain managed by the city of Brunette.

Thierry de l’ESCAILLE, Secretary-General of the ELO and Daniel CALLEJA-CRESPO, Director General for Environment at DG Environment of the European Commission welcomed the work undertaken by these estates to halt the loss to European biodiversity.


The Label:

Wildlife Estates (WE) was set up in 2005 with the mission to promote and guide the incredible efforts of landowners and land managers across Europe. This initiative is based on a voluntary approach to highlight the important role of land managers in protecting biodiversity. It hopes to bridge the gap between public authorities and those working closely with land to make them more visible to society as strong guardians of nature.

Today Wildlife Estates is the largest, landowner-led, private wildlife conservation label in Europe. The ELO and Wildlife Estates’ national delegations are continuing to raise the profile of private conservation in the global effort to preserve biodiversity.

ELO’s flagship wildlife conservation project has grown from humble beginnings and today, thanks to the passion and commitment of our members, the Wildlife Estates network consists of nearly 320 estates and more than 1.7 million hectares of which more than 600 000 ha are designated Natura 2000 area. The project is growing steadily. 

The project is managed by 19 national delegations who are responsible for spreading the initiative at the national level. We hold regular regional and national events and conferences in order to increase the support for private landowners. Our aim is to put privately-led conservation and sustainable management on equal footing with environmental organizations.

Each year the Wildlife Estates organises a 2-day event of conferences and wildlife management site-visits. This event provides an opportunity for all Wildlife Estates label holders, as well as like-minded individuals, to get together to exchange the best practices and to strengthen the European network. It also brings together some of the most influential policy makers in Europe to listen to the concerns of landowners and land managers.

This year the 2018 Plenary Session was held in Lower Saxony, Germany, at the exquisite Bückeburg palace, a long-standing member of Wildlife Estates. The event included a Gala Dinner in the presence of Olaf LIES, Minister for the Environment, Energy, Building and Climate Protection (Bundestag) to celebrate the impressive advances made by our German partners and members, followed by a conference the following morning. A site visit took place in the afternoon. Speakers at the conference included Dr. Christiane PAULUS, Deputy Director General, Federal Ministry for the Environment and Humberto DELGADO ROSA, Director for Nature Capital, DG Environment, European Commission.

We welcome members and non-members alike to come and join our events.

For more information please contact: José Maria GÓMEZ-ACEBO ROSAS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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