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Anders Wall 2018 XS

Thierry de l'Escaille, Gunther von der Schulenburg (winner 2018), Johan Nordenfalk



Anders Wall Foundation from Stockholm in association with the European Commission, Directorate General for the Environment, Brussels, the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry and the "Friends of the Countryside", has decided to introduce an award for individuals who have made a special contribution to the rural environment within the European Union.

Description of the Award


Anders Wall Award grants a prize to private individuals who have made a special contribution to the rural environment within the European Union.

Eligibility criteria:

-          Only private enterprises can enter the competition.

-          Their actions must be of importance at multiple levels: local, national and/or European.

-       The actions must be based on the use of quality instruments and management practices which contribute to the improvement of the quality of the environment.


Selection criteria:

Their achievements should preferably include the following elements:

-          Preserving and enhancing the landscape.

-          Providing biodiversity.

-          Preserving the countryside's cultural heritage.

-          Contributing to sustainable economic local development.


Prize description:

The landowner of the selected project will receive a prize of €20,000.


The call for applications is currently closed.

Award Winners 

2003 - Barritskov, Denmark. Thomas Harttung : "We transfer the bounties of the land into feasts of honest, nutritious, seasonal and inspired food"

2004 - Herdade do Pinheiro, Portugal. Jacqueline Violet : "We are a sanctuary for birds and fauna"

2005 - Les Salins du Midi, France. Gerard Dumonteil : "The production of sea salt is an agricultural activity that can benefit biodiversity"

2006 - Agriturismo Cassinazza, Italy. Giuseppe Natta : "Our goal is to be a CO2 friendly farm"

2007 - Clinton Devon Estate, United Kingdom. Lord Clinton : "We are continually innovating so as to address the challenges and opportunities faced by future generations"

2008 - Jarras-Listel Estate, France. Paul-Francois Vranken : "Creating a sustainable environment is the best way of promoting and increasing the quality of the wine business"

2009 - Wrams Gunnarstorp Estates, Sweden. Rudolf Tornerhjelm : "Using waste is the perfect answer to creating both economic and ecologic benefits"

2010 - Escrick Park Estate, England. Charles Forbes Adam : "Conserving the land and making it grow for the benefit of future generations"

2011 - Jaunumuli Estate , Latvia. Kalnins Madars : "It is vital to share the experience we gain"

2012 - Järvikyla Estate, Finland. Karl Grotenfelt : "Innovation is the key to keeping family heritage alive"

2013 - Danilovka Estate, Russia. Michail Orlov : "The property has become a shrine of beauty for the soul as well as a new proposal for rural development and economic sustainability. Inspiration is taken from a lost past to actively participate in building the future of our country"

2014 - Heihuyzen Estate, Belgium. Christophe Lenaerts : "This is a business opportunity that has to be treated as such and promoted because discretion is not a good way of becoming economically viable"

2015 - Castelo Melhor Estate, Portugal. João Portugal Ramos and José Maria Soares Franco : "Our experience as winemaker has taught us that a wine should reflect the nature of the earth from which it is born and of those who produce it"

2016 -  The Honourable Evelyn Boscawen, Tregothnan Estate, United Kingdom;

Winner of Diploma of Recognition: Fernando de Andrada-Vanderwilde Contreras,  Puerto Bajo de la Cereceda Estate, Spain.

2017 - Sir Charles Burrell, Knepp Estate, Horsham, United Kingdom;

Winner of Diploma of Recognition: Baron Island Falconry, Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain.

2018 - Günther Graf von der Schulenburg, Schulenburg Estates, Germany; 

Winner of Diploma of Recognition: Mario MUSCAT, Cliffs Interpretation Centre, Dingli Cliffs, Malta


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