Landowners and rural entrepreneurs contribute from the past, in the present and for the future to the preservation and conservation of the countryside heritage all over Europe. As the European Union continues to expand and faces ever increasing cultural diversity and economic change, they remain the guardian of biological diversity by managing economical, social and environmental resources through their activities.
Since 1992 and the Earth Summit In Rio de Janeiro, ELO and FCS participate to European strategies in order to halt the decline of biodiversity in Europe. ELO and FCS are working on the Natura 2000 implementation for the habitats and species conservation, through various actions and communications strategies close to the highest European level.
ELO and FCS are included inside many actions such as:



Natura Network Programme


The Natura Networking Programme (NNP) developed by ELO with its partners, with the support of the Commission, is a communication tool to raise public awareness about the ability of land owners and land users to contribute to the longevity of our natural heritage. Several sub-projects will be developed:

Design and promotion of good management practices;
Communication through position papers and media;
Contributions to Internet communication through the so called “Green Days”


Green week

Every year, the DG Environment of the European Commission organised the “Green Week” on a specific issue aiming to rise awareness of European citizens (changing our behaviour) about the knowledge and the conservation of our common environmental heritage going from Earth to endemic species.

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Friends of the Countryside represents the custodians of European estates and the traditional industries, patrimony, and heritage in their stewardship.



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