The Friends of the Countryside (FCS) represent the custodians of European estates and the traditional industries, patrimony, and heritage in their stewardship. These landowners, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers who compose FCS create a network of like-minded individuals united to promote the interests of their land and livelihood through innovative and sustainable practices. Through the platform of the ELO, Friends of the Countryside are able to ensure that their voice is heard throughout the European Union and beyond.


Applications for the Soil Award should be submitted by December 31st 2019.

Check under Activities - Awards - Soil and Land Management Award for more information!



  The new FCS 2019/2020 Yearbook will shortly be arriving through your letter boxes!  

  Please inform us of any eventual corrections or changes in your contact details by downloading this form and sending it to  




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NEW!! **The August edition of the Countryside Magazine with articles about the GA is now available on the Publications page.


To read the brochures about the GA, click here: "Anjou 2019"



Please find below our first publication from our Databank of Offers and Demands

of Traineeships and Employment on Countryside Estates.

If you have any demands or offers of traineeships and/or employment or can recommend someone,

please send the info to



Employment : NEW!!

 Opening for a native English speaking Project Officer at the ELO office in Brussels

The opening is available immediately. For more details about the offer please click here.


Countryside Employment Opportunity in Scotland

 The placement consists of helping to expand a pheasant shoot, vermin control and upkeep of the river banks during the appropriate season, as well as help on the sheep farm and other general estate work (roughly 50% gamekeeping and 50% sheep management and other general estate work). Attractive accomodation would be provided and the applicant would be supervised by an experienced Thurso trained Game Keeper. A valid driving licence and references are essential. Ideally the candidate would also possess a valid shotgun / firearm certificate. Ready to start ASAP.

Please send a cover letter and a cv to : if interested.



Joris Wiersinga: (born 1987) is searching for employment outside the Netherlands.

Joris was a very good trainee at De Hoge Veluwe National Park. 

Contact: Click here to for his full cv.


The following International Traineeships/Internships Database are available for children/grand children of our members:


De Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands offers the following traineeships for students from outside the Netherlands for a period from 1 to 6 months.

Students from all over Europe have previously carried out successful traineeships here. 


Conservation Management department:

Conduct research in September/October on the interaction between ungulates and tree regeneration.

Conduct research in May – July on heath vegetation

Work as an active member of the department


Visitor Management department:

Gain experience in Marketing & Communication, or conduct research in various areas of visitor management.


Hospitality department:

Work in Hospitality Management (operations manager)

Work as a waiter or a waitress, Cooking

At least 2 months with a maximum of 6 months


Staff Services department:

Conduct research in the field of cultural history







Kwint FFA2   It was wonderful to see so many Friends at FFA 2019!  


 "I hope that tomorrow morning you will ask yourself what is possible in your life to make the transition real.

You owe it to the #TheNextGeneration...Change is difficult, change is scary, but change is also vital" @JanezPotocnik22






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     The Welcoming Estates Website was created to provide a service exclusively for members of the Friends of the Countryside who wish to open up their estates and allow visitors to discover and enjoy the beautiful countryside, nature and facilities in exclusive surroundings. Thanks to an attractive, user-friendly and well organised website, people increasingly find their way to the countryside and enjoy the hidden treasures each estate has to offer. The Welcoming Estates Website now displays 28 estates throughout Europe that offer a vast range of actvities for those visiting for the day or making it their holiday destination. 

     Members can choose whether to welcome only other members of the Friends of the Countryside to their estate or extend this welcome to a larger targeted public.

     De Hoge Veluwe National Park (NL) donated €5000 to start this project and Mr. Hein Van Beek of Boubeek Communications and Marketing, who is specialized in leisure activities, is the project manager (


Requirements to join

Be a member of the Friends of the Countryside.

Pay an entrance fee of € 250 excl. VAT. and then an Annual fee of € 200 excl. VAT.

Possess a functioning website of the estate so as to accept booking and reservations.

Add a hyperlinked logo of the Welcoming Estates Website on the estate website.

Take high-quality, attractive photos of the estate to display on the Welcoming Estates Website.



Friends of the Countryside members can contact Sophy Smits van Oyen - Maltzoff,  events coordinator for the Friends of the Countryside, to receive the Agreement Form, request the Information form or ask for any other information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Add your estate to this beautiful website!

We look forward to welcoming you!




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Friends of the Countryside represents the custodians of European estates and the traditional industries, patrimony, and heritage in their stewardship.



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